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Pflugerville, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle 2 days ago 214 views

What would you say is the most challenging part about attempting to pursue a career in law and criminal justice What makes it all worth it?

I'm currently wrapping up my junior year of high school, and am really trying to solidify what I want to do in college. Any words of advice and/or warning would be greatly appreciated.

shayla’s Avatar
shayla 2 days ago 150 views

What can I do to start preparing for College?

I am a junior in high school and am thinking of majoring in business. How can I prepare?

Puppet’s Avatar
Puppet Feb 22 375 views

How do I be a part of Cyber security and what are the benefits of it?

What do you do as a person who works for Cyber security? And how do you get a job/ career in it? Why did you want the job in the first place? Are you able to work while at home? Do you have flexible hours? How much do you get paid monthly? How many years does it take to be in Cyber...

Lucy’s Avatar
Lucy Feb 01 357 views

Is it possible to apply for an ADN (take an online course) at the age of 17 and being a junior in highschool without a highschool diploma?

The course could be through a community college, but it needs to be online. My goal/thought process is to be able to do this and have my ADN around graduation of senior year so I can begin working in the field and gaining experience while then attaining my BSN. Is there another approach I...

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miguel Jan 31 497 views

how do i start a clothing brand?

to start a clothing brand

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Lily Jan 05 308 views

How do you find friends who will be a good influence on you in high school?

I know a lot of people at my school and I'm unsure of how to weed out the ones who won't be great influences on me down the road. And once I figure out which ones I want to keep as friends, how do I respectfully distance myself from the ones I don't want to be friends with? Or should I try to...

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Jan 05 564 views

I have to take fine arts at my school, but which should I choose if I want to be a doctor? Does it matter at all?

My school has a fine arts requirement to graduate. I would like to become a doctor and am not very interested in art. What genre of classes are best for my situation? My school offers choir, band, orchestra, theatre arts, visual arts, dance, technical theatre, and art history at various levels...

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Jan 05 483 views

Is multivariable calculus or linear algebra better for someone who would like to become a doctor?

I'm taking calculus BC (high school), and unsure of whether to go into multivariable calculus or linear algebra next. I would like to become a doctor, as a surgeon specializing in orthopedics.

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Jan 05 425 views

Is kinesiology or child development better for a high school student looking into medicine?

I'm selecting my 9th grade classes. I have no idea if other schools do this, but we have to create a "career plan" and select classes for all four years of high school. Between the classes of kinesiology (my high school's course catalog defines it as studying the effects of exercise on the body...

Savanna’s Avatar
Savanna Dec 25, 2023 309 views

What did u do to become a pediatric physical therapist ?

How much did college cost?
How Many years did it take?
What class did u need to do for high school and college?
Can u do it if u have dyslexia?
What is the experience like?

Laney’s Avatar
Laney Dec 16, 2023 257 views

What can I do to start my fashion career?

How do I start and what can I do. I play a sport. I like to draw and I enjoy fashion. I am bad at grammar but I will do my best. I will do my best and study very hard.

Katya’s Avatar
Katya Dec 02, 2023 278 views

How do I pay for college as an international student ?

Hi I am a junior in HS and I'm about to go off to college and I have a question. How do you pay for college as an international student? What job offers should I look into to be able to pay for living etc?

Rin’s Avatar
Rin Nov 30, 2023 164 views

Where does legal scholarship enter a case, and how does that affect the outcome of the case?

Where does legal scholarship enter a case, and how does that affect the outcome of the case?

Joanna’s Avatar
Joanna Nov 24, 2023 209 views

Should I go into architectual interior desighn or fashion desighn?

carrer tips

Joanna’s Avatar
Joanna Nov 24, 2023 192 views

What are collages looking for in college essays?

college essay tips

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