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Do you have to go to school to code?

My brother told me they taught him how to code in college. Do we have to go to college to learn how to code? #programmer

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Javonte,

Most college programs that focus on computer science or computer programming do teach students programming languages and coding. However, there are also other ways to learn to code, including teaching your self, technical schools that focus completely on coding, and other focused courses. Some companies require an associate or bachelor degree to hire technical resources, but not all. I would look into what kind of coding you would like to do and in what field. From there you could look into what the requirements would be. I would recommend college, a tech school, or some kind of certification because being solely self taught may be possible, many companies want to see some type of proof that you know your field.

Best Wishes!

Thank you for this advice! Javonte S.

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