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Posted on May 24, 2016

My career goal is to work in the forensics field. I want to work in crime scene investigation. I have always loved piecing together clues. I love skipping to the back of a book to know the ending, then read from the beginning to find out how the ending happened. CSI feels like that for me. The crime is the ending of the story; now I have to go back to the beginning and piece all the evidence together to give me the whole picture. Furthermore, CSI incorporates the science subjects that I really love. I can use the knowledge that I have gained and apply it. Additionally, CSI is a very exciting field; there is something new everyday.

Context: After graduating with a BS in biology, I will be going to graduate school to study forensic science. The graduate school that I have chosen has a good program with a lot of hands on experience. The university has partnerships with police departments and they also do mock trials in order to practice speaking as an expert witness. Furthermore, these hands on experience will help me network and start my career before graduating with my Masters.
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Onyinye I. May 24, 2016 457 views

How can someone get C++certified even though he or she is not a computer science major? Will having this advantage help with interview?

I took a c++ programming class and saw the benefits of learning to write codes for certain applications. I have a better understanding of how many technology work and the programs responsible for running them. I wish to apply what I have learned to the forensic field, but I do not wish to go...

#technology #computer #forensic-analysis #forensic

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Onyinye I. May 24, 2016 445 views

How can I tell my parents that I do not want a career in the medical field?

I am Nigerian and all I have ever heard from my mom is that I should be a BSN or pharmacy. To please her, and to avoid conflict, I enrolled in college for nursing. I was unhappy. It took a while for me to gather my courage and change my major to biology. I did not inform them of the change so...

#parent-communication #counselor #biology

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Onyinye I. May 23, 2016 759 views

Can I use my BS in Biology when I graduate to work as a forensic tech? If so, what hard and soft skills are required?

I want to work while attending graduate school for Crime Scene Investigation. I am currently taking organic chemistry where I will be learning about the GC mass spectrometer. I also have other laboratory skills I have learned in college. #career #biology #career-counseling #forensic #laboratory...


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Onyinye I. May 23, 2016 408 views

What are the needed skill set required for forensic science careers?

I am a biology major. I became interested in forensics due to loving many science subjects. I became torn when I looked over careers that dealt with all the different fields of science. It was only when I took criminology that I started to look at the forensics field. I am really looking...

#crime #laboratory #forensic #biology

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Onyinye I. May 23, 2016 519 views

How do I further develop my public speaking for forensic science careers

I know individuals will be called as expert witness for scientific based evidence. I am not a good public speaker; I tend to ramble or I freeze up. I need help with techniques that will help me remain focused and not be afraid of any audience. This will also help improve my interview skills....

#interviews #speech #expert-witness #biology