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How can I get my foot in the door?

This upcoming semester, I am fortunate to have a smaller course load than I've ever had. To compensate for the new, bigger blocks of free time, I feel that I should acquire a side job, other than the one I have at home. Getting a job at a child care center that is nearby would be preferable, but I'm unsure of how to proceed. I will not be back in my college town until the beginning of classes, and I'm absolutely terrified to speaking to others via telephone. Or at all, really. I am absolutely comfortable with children, which is why I am pursuing this field of education. However, when it comes to adults, I am a stuttering, bumbling mess. k-12-education early-childhood-education

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3 answers

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Cassie’s Answer

We all have our times of being uncomfortable doing things, speaking in public is most peoples biggest fear. Many people think that public speaking is in large groups, it's often one on one with people that you don't know personally.

Maybe during this time, it would be good to check into a speaking class at your local community college. I know that your focus is working with children, but you will have to work with and speak to others as well, such as co-workers and parents of the children. Remember it's just about speaking it's about learning too. As humans we are always data gathering every time we ask a question or wait for an answer this is another way that we improve our communication skills. Overall we lack confidence and self-esteem, yes I said WE, I was just like what you are going through. The more I did it the better I felt, speak about what you know if you don't know the answer you will next time.
My daughter told me that she wants to work with animals because she doesn't like people, I reminded her that animals have owners too.
Personal communication has been limited nowadays. We all sit behind a screen of some sort never really having to face the person on the other side. I am more afraid of what people read into through text then I am in person, at least in person I have body language and the pitch of my voice to explain the words that I'm not using, versus someone else putting their own inflection on what I am trying to say in the text. Be bold, you are not judged as much as you're worried about. The only way to get better at something is by doing it! You got this.

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Tiffany’s Answer

As a journalist, I struggled with the same thing. It made me nervous to contact complete strangers via telephone. It helped for me to remember that they're just people, too. Whoever picks up on the other end of the phone is a person just like you and I.

I suggest writing down what you'd like to say and reading it to yourself before making the call. I recently had a job interview, and to settle my jitters I typed up all my answers to common interview questions and then practiced speaking in front of a mirror. (Turns out I got the job!) The conversations I ended up having in my interview weren't verbatim from my script, but preparing in that way provided ideas for me to draw from. I felt more confident.

What age group are you interested in teaching? It may be worth while to look at other options to gain experience, such as coaching a youth sports team, volunteering for a church youth group, or even tutoring. Consider what will best prepare you for the grade(s) you're interested in teaching.

Best of luck to you!

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Leslie’s Answer

I feel your pain. But you got to find a way to get those jitters out. Try to identify what about talking to an adult makes you nervous or try rehearsing the conversation you are going to have with that daycare director. Believe me, most likely having an extra hand around so you will be valued! Use that confidence to either go there or make a phone call and simply say you are inquiring about a job. I haven't met a daycare director yet that wasn't compassionate so even if they see you sweating, they will be willing to work with you. But if you're still not confident enough, look up a Toastmasters meeting near you. It's a group that helps teach strategies for public speaking especially those that get "stage fright"!