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Pros and Cons about going to med school?

Thinking about majoring in medical but want some more information before going into it. #premed

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4 answers

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Farhaad’s Answer

- Ability to use skills to help people
- Great pay
- Sense of accomplishment
- Work is hard but fun
- Great colleagues in doctors and other healthcare workers

- Most students have debt unless they or their parents have lots of savings
- Doctors are often busy all the time, even when away from work
- Being responsible for the wellbeing of others is high-stress
- Training is long (3-7 years after medical school) and doctors aren’t paid well during this time
- Patients are becoming less grateful and more demanding
- Threat of being replaced by non-physician providers like nurses or physician assistants

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Estelle’s Answer

I agree with Dan and Jennifer. With the current job market, it is important to point out the job security in medicine. It is a long and difficult path through college, medical school, and residency, but the jobs are fulfilling and available. If you are planning to go to medical school, you have to be able to delay gratification and look forward to the future knowing that you in investing in the long run.

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Dan’s Answer

-first hurdle in becoming a physician
-you will suffer with your friends bringing you closer
- huge accomplishment just to get into medical school
- worth it once residency is done
- Don't have to worry about life as it will be on hold

- A lot of studying
- A lot of competing
- Twenties are being used up for training and education while your non-medical friends live their lives
- Heavy Debt.

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Jennifer’s Answer

- Job Security
- High Salary
- Prestige
- Specialty flexibility
- Personal Fulfillment

- Typically over $100,000+ of medical school debt
- Long shift hours
- High amounts of stress
- Intense competition among peers
- Potential to be sued for medical malpractice