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What is the best way to pay for college without taking out so much on student loans?

Asked Jupiter, Florida

I have some money paid for college but short about 11,000 dollars a year and will need to borrow money to pay for the remainder. I am wondering how to look for grants I don't have to pay back that I can apply for and scholarships that will help me get that money down. I am a senior in high school and I want to work towards my doctorate degree in Clinical Child Psychology. #college #finance

2 answers

Paul’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

One of the first things you have to do is complete a FAFSA. Have the FAFSA sent to each school you are applying to so they can determine if you are eligible for any grants or scholarships. In addition, you have to do some research on your own by searching the internet. A good place to start is scholarships.com. The site, and others like it, list a lot of scholarships in one place so you can make your search easier. Google scholarships for other websites since each site may have a different list to choose from.

Rhonda’s Answer

Updated McLean, Virginia
I recommend using the MyScholly App, it matches students with scholarships based on your skills, interests, and academic career. Your high school College Counselor or advisor should also be able to suggest scholarships you can apply to. Remember to complete your FAFSA, it opens October 1st as schools use that data to create your award package and you may also qualify for federal grants which don't require repayment.