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Is attending an ouit of state college financially responsible?

I have received a scholarship to attend a local university. However, the career I've always dreamed of having as a video game developer isn't offered at the local university. I have been accepted at a major university out of state. Though I have been offered a honors at entrance partial scholarship, I'm just not sure if paying the extremely high non residential tuition will be financially responsible. #guidance-counselor #career-counselor #financial-advisor

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Paul’s Answer

This is a tough decision. In my opinion, if you are truly focused on becoming a video game developer and that major is not offered locally, you have to expand your college options. BUT that doesn't mean going out of state. Have you looked at other colleges in your state to see if that major is offered? I ask because you said local university. There may be plenty of schools that may offer that major that are in your home state that you didn't even know about. Now, assuming you've done all of that already and your only other option is to go out of state you then have to decide how much extra you're willing to pay to go out of state. That major may be offered at different colleges in different nearby states so you have to compare tuition costs for out of state students. In the end, if you've done all of these things and you definitely want to major in video game development, the school offering you the partial scholarship is your only option. I would consider it financial responsible assuming you've done all the research regarding other schools. Last point, have you considered a major that is similar to video game development? Maybe there is a major at the local university (or another in-state school) that is similar in the required coursework.