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Career Questions tagged Career Counselor

Hannah K.’s Avatar
Hannah K. May 13, 2016 586 views

What is the most used college class topic for going into a Physical Therapy Career?

Considering a professional career in Physical Therapy but not completely sold on college for 7 yrs. I am starting with Exercise Science as an undergrad degree. doctor teaching teacher guidance-counselor career-counselor hospital...


Zee K.’s Avatar
Zee K. May 14, 2016 1076 views

What are the careers with high skills of art and math?

I'm thinking of going for Architecture because it is based on art and science along with an decent salary. What are the alternative careers that is based on design and math. college career career-paths architecture architect guidance-counselor career-counselor...


Mohammed I.’s Avatar
Mohammed I. Jun 22, 2016 793 views
Rebekah F.’s Avatar
Rebekah F. May 15, 2016 628 views

Is having a very specific career goal putting to many limitations on my future?

Becoming a video game developer is all I've ever wanted to be. I'm concerned that being so specific will limit my options down the road. Should that not pan out, I worry about what other careers will I be qualified for. I want to have something to fall back on. career-path guidance-counselor...


Rebekah F.’s Avatar
Rebekah F. May 15, 2016 664 views

Is attending an ouit of state college financially responsible?

I have received a scholarship to attend a local university. However, the career I've always dreamed of having as a video game developer isn't offered at the local university. I have been accepted at a major university out of state. Though I have been offered a honors at entrance partial...

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