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What are some career routes in child psychology? What can I expect from that career on a day to day basis?

As a graduating high school senior, I will be attending a community college to complete my basic requirements to transfer to a four year university. Although i am a little shaky with choosing a major, one of my interests is child psychology. I feel that with my own experiences with personal struggles will help me relate to those with similar issues. Through the whole process of choosing a major, I would like to hear some real life advise to better be sure whether or not I could continue career path. To be more specific, I would like to know the general high and low points of being a child psychologist and the type of work done. Thank you. #psychology #social-psychology #child-psychology #school-psychology

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2 answers

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Archana’s Answer


Being a Child Phycologist is certainly an interesting however a challenging choice.

How Do I Become a Child Psychologist?

Below is the complete educational path for the Psychologists:
Psychologist Educational Track
School Programs Average Education Length Choosing Online or Campus
1. Earn a Bachelor's Degree View Programs 4 Years Online or Campus
2. Earn A Master's Degree View Programs 2 Additional Years Online or Campus
3. Earn a PHD or PsyD View Programs 2-4 Additional Years Online or Campus

How would life of a Child Phycologist be?

In general, a childhood psychologist might work with children and their primary caregivers in order to research, assess, and possibly treat developmental issues. Depending on his preferred area of study, a child psychologist will often work with all sorts of children.

Not every child that a child psychologist works with is considered to be abnormal. A child psychologist might work with so-called "normal" children for several reasons. He may perform a psychological examination, for instance, or just be a sounding board for a slightly troubled child.

A child psychologist might also work with children who are considered to have slight mental, emotional, or social problems. This can include things like anxiety or shyness.

Child psychologists might also work with children who have severe mental, emotional, or social problems as well. Violent children, autistic children, and those who have been abused, for instance, will often benefit from the help of a child psychologist.

No matter what type of patient that a child psychologist chooses to work with, he must always deal with them carefully and handle them with "kid gloves", so to speak. As mentioned above, childhood is a very influential time in a person's life. A child psychologist should be compassionate, understanding, and patient when dealing with children.

Where Do Child Psychologists Work?

There is a high demand for licensed child psychologists, and these professionals will often have very little trouble finding employment.

Many organizations that regularly deal with children typically hire child psychologists. This can include schools, orphanages, and child welfare offices. Health oriented organizations might also hire child psychologists. This can include hospitals and mental health clinics.

In addition to working for others, a person interested in a child psychologist career can also usually choose to open his own practice, which allows him more time to focus on each patient.

Hope this information helps.

All the best, do well.

Archana Jain

Thank you comment icon Thank you for taking the time out of your day to respond my question. This information is very helpful, as I am looking at multiple majors and want to have a game plan for college. I hope you enjoy your day. Briana Briana
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Ken’s Answer

Hi Briana!

Here is some helpful information to consider when thinking about your career goals in this area:

Thank you comment icon Thank you for taking the time of your day to respond. Both links are very informational and yes, I have begun to talk to a career counselor about this being a possible choice. He also told me to look at successful alumni from different colleges to choose the best program for my interests. I may not be able to apply for internship programs right, but I will look to see if my college offers coop programs ( as I am strapped for cash). Thank you again. Briana