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How can you become a singer?

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3 answers

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Riley’s Answer

There are many different ways that you could become a singer! In today's culture, I think one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn fame is through the internet. For example, Doja Cat became famous solely by posting music videos to Youtube and Tiktok! However, the more traditional route to fame would definitely start with voice lessons and be followed by possibly joining a musical theatre group? This might be able to get you some new connections to the music community and it would definitely provide you with practice singing in front of people.

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Start taking singing lessons!

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David’s Answer

Start lip rolling. Stop singing for a while. And stop talking as much as you can. Use text messaging as much as possible. And be patient with your voice. No smoking or vaping and avoid jobs where you have to talk a lot or yell. If singing is your highest priority, then you have to be good to your vocal cords and talk as little as possible. A lot of singers will stop talking on the day of a performance.

You can go to you tube to see a vocal demonstration of lip rolling. Look up Brett Manning vocal range demo. He’s able to do that, because he is a lip roller!

I was a student of lip rolling, for five years. The first time I did a lip roll and then sang, it brought tears to my eyes. As it does, for several people.

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Jemima A.’s Answer

You can become a singer by;
1. Exposing your self to songs/music videos.
2. Using your internet to download paper, script and the songs. Learn thm
3. Training your vocal cords by singing every day. You can also get a tutor
4. Eating diets and fruits that will open your voice box in the body e.g banana
5. Listen, listen, listen. Sing, sing , sing regularly