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What career field should I explore if I love to talk, write and care about history?

I am undecided what to major in. I am very passionate about history, but also love writing and talking to anyone who listens. #journalism #teachers

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2 answers

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J. Cole’s Answer

Hi there John,

I found my path in policy and government work. I was an honors student and got a degree in history and American Studies. I would say your degree is what you make it. I held four different internships during my undergraduate career. Each one helped me to develop a professional skill set that led me to my current job. I managed to aid in a project that made a big splash at my university that I now use as proof of my work in higher education critical studies (a field that has no degree plan). I studied history because I love it, because I kept my GPA high by taking classes that I enjoyed, and because it allowed me to express myself. If you decide to go into the world of humanities, understand that the degree is not your ticket to the working world, it is the experiences and expertise you gain on your way to the working world.

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Martina’s Answer

Public History and/or museum studies are great fields to explore. There are several good programs at the graduate and undergraduate level at universities all over the country. I have a undergraduate degree in history, a master in liberal arts with a concentration in history, and I am currently finishing up a graduate certificate in public history while working on another in museum studies. These fields are great for interacting with people! I also get to research and write and craft educational programs for the public based on that research.