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how do I tell my parents I want to switch majors?

My parents have never accepted the major I want to pursue, which is Music Management and Merchandising because they do not think I will make money. How do I make them understand money isn't everything? #life #parenting

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3 answers

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RENE M’s Answer

Outline for your parents the opportunities available with a degree in Music Management and Merchandising, including income, job availabilities. Also include the probability of landing your first job in that field based on your grades, professor recommendations, etc. Then put together a budget of how you can self-sustain yourself in this field and not be dependent on your parents to subsidize your living expenses. If you have enough money to cover you living comfortably without their support, I'm sure you'll all be happy. Best of luck.

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Wael’s Answer

How about you do some research showing the progression of that career, expected time to reach your goals, expected pay from that career, and the growth rate of that very position. Put them all in a powerpoint and try to convince them.

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Kamilah’s Answer

You can respectfully tell your parents that you want to switch majors by telling them that what you're currently studying isn't something that you want to do in the future and that you're not going to go all the way through with it. Appose to wasting the time, energy, and money into that major to get that degree and not use it.

Kamilah recommends the following next steps:

Explain to them that you're wanting to major in something that you love and enjoy doing and can see yourself having a future in.
Compare your current major with your wished major (including courses, time in college, the money it will take, and average salary in the job after earning the degree)
Kindly realize that you have to live your life for you and not anyone else, because you will end up being unhappy if you do so. Stay positive within college, it is your prime years.