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Cooper’s Avatar
Cooper Mar 27, 2018 527 views

How important is the college you attend for your undergraduate degree?

I have gotten into several schools, with varied reputations. My parents would like me to attend the most challenging and reputable from an academic standpoint. I want to find the right fit. #college #college-advice #college-selection

Steve’s Avatar
Steve Jan 03, 2018 699 views

How do I pick which college to go to?

#education #college #college-advice #college-selection #college-admissions

Kelsi’s Avatar
Kelsi May 27, 2016 955 views

Does the name of a college affect the influence behind the degree you may earn?

I understand that there are huge differences in Ivy League schools. However, if I am planning on attending a regular university, does the name of the university carry as much weight and does it affect my degree? #professor #graduate #academic-advising #college #college-selection

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer May 17, 2016 676 views

how do I tell my parents I want to switch majors?

My parents have never accepted the major I want to pursue, which is Music Management and Merchandising because they do not think I will make money. How do I make them understand money isn't everything? #life #parenting