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What are some important tips for starting a family early in your career?

Updated Ridgefield, Washington

If you would like to start a family but are fairly new in your career, what would be some actions take to ensure you would be able to accomplish both without affecting each other. Also, how do you decide on where to live with the new family. #family #career #work-life-balance #parenting

2 answers

Thomas’s Answer

I agree with Christopher.  Open communication is key.   You will need the support of your spouse/partner/coworkers to help juggle daily tasks.  With the help of peers, I was able to off shift work assignments to accommodate class schedules and work commitments.   Your sacrifice is short term, compared to the rewards you will gain in a lifetime. 

Christopher’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

The best piece of advice I could give here is to have open communication with not only your spouse but your boss/colleagues. Having an open discussion with those you work with can allow them and you to develop a plan to help you meet both your career and family obligations. I found everyone was willing to work with me and be flexible with my work arrangements as long as I kept open lines of communication and was able to complete my work on time.

The same can be said with your spouse. It will take sacrifice on both your parts to accomplish both your work and family goals. So always communicating what is happening away from work as well as what is happening at home is important.

In terms of where to live, finding a location that accommodates both of your needs, even it requires a compromise on both your parts, is important.