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Christopher Huber

Senior Associate at PwC
Business and Financial Operations Occupations
New York, New York
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Daniel Nov 15, 2019 628 views

How did you become interested in this field?

#money #career #Facilitymaintenance #career

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Victoria Dec 17, 2018 1551 views

What are some tips when it comes to making a resume?

I am currently looking for internships in the accounting field. I have never made a resume and don't have any work experience so I am unsure of how to start and what to include in my first resume. I am also wondering what do employers look for in a resume. #resume #internship #job-application...

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bryant Jan 16, 2018 754 views

What are some important tips for starting a family early in your career?

If you would like to start a family but are fairly new in your career, what would be some actions take to ensure you would be able to accomplish both without affecting each other. Also, how do you decide on where to live with the new family. #family #career #work-life-balance #parenting