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How do you balance kids and school and working?

I am a full time student and a single mom. My college is about 45 minutes away and I am struggling trying to find time for everything and still making sure I am with my kids everyday. Any advise. #wildlife-biology #parenting #work-life-balance #time-management

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2 answers

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Rachel L.’s Answer

Kudos to you for being a student and a single parent! It is a challenge trying to manage kids, a job, and school. I would suggest that you figure out what is most important. By that, I mean, what is your short term goal and long term goal. I assume school is something that will benefit you and your kids. So that cannot be stopped, but possibly altered. And, I know that your kids are not an option. Spending time with them is what is most valuable. And, working is critical to the financial support that you bring to the kids and yourself. So you have to ask yourself, "how do I prioritize my life?". You can sit down (when you have time) and write down the most important things to the least important things. Do this weekly and follow that schedule. Life changes and so do our schedules. However, if you have a plan and stick to it, your life won't seem so busy. You will find the time to do all of the things you want, but with a schedule. I have been exactly where you are. I find it very easy for me to plan ahead and stick to the schedule. There are 7 days in a week. Dedicate school a couple days, your kids a few days, while the whole time, working to support them. I know you can do it, because you are already doing it. Maybe a written plan will help ease that tension you are feeling! I hope this helps. Have a great day!

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Melissa’s Answer

Balancing all these takes time management. This is easier said then done but if you set a schedule and try to stick with it, it will come along. For example, most likely work is during the day. From there, return home, take time with the kids and have a set bedtime for them, and this becomes your "you" time where you can handle studying and unwind. If you attend class, same with working upon returning home. It can be a hassle at first but if you stick with it, all will fall into place.

You can also try getting a "to do" notebook and checking off as you do daily. Although everything in this day and time is electronic, I find myself writing things down to check off because I get better results. If you prefer the electronic way, download an app for assistance...there are many out there. Hope this helps