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Susan Burwick

Account/Client Relations
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Seattle, Washington
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Patricia’s Avatar
Patricia Jan 16, 2018 729 views

How do you balance kids and school and working?

I am a full time student and a single mom. My college is about 45 minutes away and I am struggling trying to find time for everything and still making sure I am with my kids everyday. Any advise. #wildlife-biology #parenting #work-life-balance #time-management

Abelardo’s Avatar
Abelardo Feb 26, 2021 713 views

Best consulting firms to work?

I am interested in the consulting industry. Which firms are the best and more inclusive? #working #work #work-life-balance

Tatjana’s Avatar
Tatjana May 12, 2018 798 views

How do I work while in college?

Should I plan a college schedule and course list with the thought of a job in mind, or should I just create my schedule based on class availability and find a job that fits that realm after?

#work #college #balance #work-life-balance

Bobby’s Avatar
Bobby Oct 13, 2018 762 views

How do I find a career after grad school?

#graduate-school #work-life-balance #job #college