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How do I work while in college?

Should I plan a college schedule and course list with the thought of a job in mind, or should I just create my schedule based on class availability and find a job that fits that realm after?

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2 answers

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Luke’s Answer

I agree with Yessica, securing the courses you want should be priority as jobs that hire college students often plan to work around their varied schedules. I was a residential assistant for a couple years, which gave me a free full meal plan, free housing, and flexible work hours. Highly recommend this route as the annual cost of housing and food would have been well over $10k, the work was quite easy, relationships and leadership skills were built within the role, and it demonstrates some characteristics that future employers might value.

Any job worked while studying is commendable and something that demonstrates a great work ethic, so once you find a job just be transparent with the manager as you finalize your school schedule and have time that can be devoted to work.

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Yessica’s Answer

Create your scheduled based on class availability. This should be your first priority. College offers a variety of job and your first semester is more of an adaptation. Remember you'll have a lot to get used to on that first 3-4 months. Thus, give yourself time to get used to the schedule and then find a job. Finding that balance that you are looking for will take some adjustments in that first trimester. :-)