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How do I manage my part time job with full time class schedule?

I work at a hospital so it can be any shift, but is there a schedule that seems to work best?
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2 answers

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Deborah’s Answer

I did all my schooling while working full time and raising a family. It wasn't easy but it was inspirational to my kids, who now know they can do anything they set their mind to. Everyone is different though, and I agree you should go just as slowly as you need to make your life manageable. There is no hurry, you will make it eventually and the graduation will be so sweet! I promise for me, it was worth it! I've not regretted it one day.

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Raj’s Answer

Adjust your class work load (i.e. number of courses) so that you do not get overwhelmed. Take the course pace which goes well with your work schedule. If you do not take this approach then unfortunately, you may end up putting yourself in a situation that you quit college. And quitting college should not be an option you consider at all. Just adjust the # of courses you take. If this means that you may end up completing college in longer than 4 years the so be it. In your life, you will be better off completing college than not completing college.