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What are the best time management tips?

Such as how to manage studying and social life while working a part time job during college! #work #work-life-balance

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3 answers

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Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

Hey Elaine!

Following are the best time management tips:

  1. Plan a day in advance. (Create your To-Do/Schedule)
  2. Prioritize them.
  3. Allot time and stay stick to it.
  4. Practice and have patience. (Watch your speed for a particular task before allotting time to it.)
  5. Learn to say no, to any activity which is harming your schedule.
  6. Remove distractions.
  7. Learn to delegate if required.
  8. Keep things organized in the order you need.
  9. Eliminate unnecessary things.

Note: Don't forget to take breaks. Good health is the key to be successful.

All the best!

#timemanagement #managementtricks #work #work-life-balance

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Martin’s Answer

Elaine I have found that time management to be a corner stone of work ethic. Leaving yourself time for variable change and understanding that your work environment and its demands can change in a moments notice is always a lingering possibility. This is also the case with your personal life. Prioritize and be aware of what is necessary to accomplish the task at hand and understand not everything will go as planned. Give yourself enough time to adapt and not be rushed. Sometimes its as simple as leaving 5 minuets sooner to arrive at a destination.

Best of luck

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Rebecca’s Answer

You can put down a To-Do List of your daily activities. You can then prioritize each task with the designated deadline / time. After that, you can come up with a daily schedule. Suggest you put down some buffer between the activities and schedule in some gap time for yourself to relax and have some reflection.