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how can we get intrest on mathematics

un able to understand maths

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2 answers

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Chaithanya’s Answer

Hi G S,
Just like how you feel, Mathematics is felt like that by many students in general. But, I would like to advice you that, once you start knowing what is the actual application of a particular formula in real life example, then mathematics seems more interesting and supporting to solve the problems that we have. Please start trying to understand why do we need a particular formula, or where can this formula be applied etc and you will get more interest on the subject. Please search in the internet for practical applications to mathematics. Ex:

Good Luck and I am sure you will soon enjoy learning more on mathematics :)

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Simeon’s Answer

The more help you are able to get from others in math, the easier it will be to build interest and skill in the topic. Other people can hold you accountable to your math learning goals and make the process more engaging. Try to find tutors, study groups, and fellow students who want to help you succeed in math.