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How am I going to pay for college?

My parents are not able to assist with my college Tuition. I know people on "public" assistance that get more help than my family does and both my parents have good jobs. #finance

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2 answers

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Stephen’s Answer

The expense can certainly seem overwhelming. Some thoughts – If you are still in high school, take any Advanced Placement (AP) classes your school offers. If you work hard and score high enough on the AP test at the end of the year, you will earn college credit at virtually no cost. Look for any other programs offered through your high school. In Ohio, there is a program called College Credit Plus. The state will pay the tuition for high school students to take college courses that count for high school credit and transfer college credit to state universities. A high school teacher I know has students that graduate high school one weekend and have earned enough college credits to graduate college with a 2 year associate's degree the next weekend without having paid any tuition out of their own pocket.

Look for ways to leverage company tuition reimbursement programs. Starbucks has a great program for employees. Also, Community college can be extremely affordable and a two year associate’s degree may help you find a job at a company that will reimburse tuition to complete your four year bachelor degree. Good Luck!

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Sonali’s Answer

Look for study loans from different banks. Other than that you can also look for sponsorship/scholarship opportunities from the college