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What Is The Course Of Hacking.

Name The Course Of Hacking and some institutes of it in Seattle ,USA.#hacking

Hi Rajat, are you looking for hacking courses at Seattle based universities? Just wanted to clarify your question Gurpreet Lally

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4 answers

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Pradeep’s Answer

Hi Rajat,
Multiple options available:
1) PG Diploma in Cyber security
2) Udemy courses for Ethical Hacking
3) Red Hat Ethical Hacking courses.

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Wayne’s Answer

Good day Rajat. Here are a few ethical hacking course in the Seattle area. Good luck!

CEH (v10) Certification - Ethical Hacking training course in Seattle, WA -- https://www.simplilearn.com/ceh-ethical-hacking-certification-course-seattle-city#:~:text=CEH%20(v10)%20Certification%20%2D%20Ethical,training%20course%20in%20Seattle%2C%20WA&text=This%20CEH%20Training%20in%20Seattle,corporate%20infrastructure%20from%20data%20breaches.
Ethical Hacker Classes in Seattle, WA -- https://www.onlc.com/training/ethical-hacker/seattle-wa.
Certified Ethical Hacker (Exam Voucher Included) -- https://learnatcentral.org/professional-development/tech-industry/ethical-hacker/
CERTIFICATE IN ETHICAL HACKING --https://www.pce.uw.edu/certificates/ethical-hacking
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification Training Classes In Seattle, WA -- https://www.dezignext.com/pages/courses/ec-council-ceh/seattle-wa.html

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Chris’s Answer

One option is just to pursue a Computer Science or Informatics degree with a focus on security classes, this also has the feature of preparing you for a wider range of careers (especially if you pursue CS) if it turns out security in particular isn't for you. Most colleges and universities around Seattle offer such programs; the University of Washington in Seattle is well-known for its excellent CS program and has very good security classes.

If you want something shorter than a full degree program, consider the options listed in the other answers.

Once you have a degree or certification - or are even well on your way to one - I recommend exploring security consulting. An internship in security consulting is a great way to learn more about the field of security/hacking in general, and they are paid. A full-time position as a security consultant will teach you an incredible amount about all sorts of hacking, give you an opportunity to try different aspects of the field (application security, network security, hardware security, cryptography, penetration testing, threat modeling, red teaming, etc.), and provide a highly valuable professional network. After a few years of consulting, it should be possible to get a good job as a security engineer or internal red team ("white-hat" hacking team) member at a big company, join or create a startup, or move up within the consultancy.

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Katherine’s Answer

1. Scan for vulnerabilities
2.Exploring loopholes
3. Obtain authority and upgrade authority
4. Trojan invasion
5. Establish the back door and clean the traces