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How do I become a doctor and own my own hospital?

Updated Providence, Rhode Island
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You become a doctor of Medicine my going through schooling, 4 years pre-med and 4 years Medical School, then and receive your MD or DO degree and have to take/pass the Medical Boards. Then you apply for a Residency at a hospital. It is three-year length working at a hospital, and when you are done, then you attain the rank of an Attending. If you want to specialize further, i.e. Cardiology, Neurology, Pulmonology, then that entails further time spent with working with a Specialist, the length of time, I am not quite sure of. As far as owning a hospital, that is a business question, and entails so many of life's parameters coming together at the right time and place that there is no single answer to that question - there is no algorithm to owning a hospital, or any large business venture. Some things in life happen over decades, with very long critical planning stages, lots of money and the right backing in order for them to come to fruition. PS When I decided to go to Nursing School, I spoke with multiple RN's to see what they had to say about going into this profession. The input they gave me helped much in my decision to change. So, good luck with the data gathering. Scott
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