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What do you love about being a pediatric doctor?

I love kids! I love being around kids, I love hanging out with kids! I just love that I’m a kid so I can experience a lot of things. I feel as kids brings Joy to a conversation. I want to be able to take care of kids! Showing them how much I love them! #pediatrics #medicine

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3 answers

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David’s Answer

I have been a private practice pediatrician for over 30 years.
Pediatricians are the happy docs. We love our jobs.
We believe in preventative care. We build long term relationships with our families.
We truly can impact a patients life, setting them up for a lifetime of healthy living.
In medicine, you always need to do what is right for the patient, no matter what the impact on you may be.
Pediatrics is the discipline that still adheres to that guiding principle.
Dr B

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Estelle’s Answer

Having the opportunity to connect with kids and promote their health from an early age is fantastic! You will enjoy long relationships with kids you take care of from birth through adolescence and be able to have a positive impact throughout their life.

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Rahul’s Answer

Have some amount of experience with kids, having worked specifically with kids with cancer. These have included poor, destitute kids with pain, who have been given a certain lease of a new life. Have interacted with disjointed families and shattered parents. Gives you a fresh perspective on the meaning of life.

Thank you so much for answering ! Ne’Ahra P.