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what did you have to do make it D1 in basketball and then make it to the NBA

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4 answers

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Matthew’s Answer

Train everyday like it is your job. A few hours a day of dribbling, a few hours perfecting your shot, and constant conditioning. It is most important to start playing on a competitive team. Join your high school team, an AAU team, and sign up for as many college camps as you can. Make sure all of your games are filmed, because colleges will want to see you clips of you playing.

Matthew recommends the following next steps:

Train everyday
Join a team
Film all of your games
Attend as many college camps as possible
Do not give up

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Anthony’s Answer

Hey Ty’Juan. I am happy to help answer your question. I also shared a similar dream growing up. As the others have mentioned, you need to be extremely dedicated and self-motivated to practice. Watch videos of drills and then implement those drills to your workouts. Find a friend who is willing to rebound for you so that you can get up shots, and plan to shoot hundreds of shots a day. Make sure that you develop your off hand to be as effective as your dominant one. You also need to make sure that you are playing high school basketball, and take the opportunity to film your games and post the film online for schools to see. Off the court, make sure you are staying out of trouble and staying on top of your school work.

Making it to the NBA will be a result of you continuing this same work and dedication at the collegiate level. You will also need to be highly productive at that level as well to get noticed by NBA scouts.

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Molly’s Answer


You should join an AAU team it helps with exposure to coaches. Also going to recruit camps on the summer. When you go to tournaments on your AAU team you should email the coaches times and places where you will be playing. You usually will get a list of what schools are in attendance

When you are not involved with the stuff I mentioned above. Work on your shooting, ball handling and rebounding skills as well as footwork.

As far as school, talk to your guidance counselor, make sure you take the SAT/ACT and meet the NCAA clearing house requirements to assure you have the grades and classes to go D1.

NBA prospects work extremely hard and many people start to realize who prospects are in their senior year of high school and even throughout college. It is extremely hard to achieve this goal, a small percentage of athletes are able to achieve this goal. Same as becoming a student athlete in college. I wish you the best of luck !

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Will’s Answer

Playing high school basketball for your team is very hard, playing Division 1 college basketball for a college team is even harder, and playing in NBA is next to impossible when you look at how few players make it. The piece of advice I would give is that during this COVID-19 break where there is not much to do, I would perfect your ball handling and watch as much Kyrie Irving/Steph Curry dribbling highlights and drills to learn from the best dribblers what they do. Dribbling and ball-handling is very crucial, especially if you are a smaller player. Have a camera or iPhone film you and track your progress.