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What's it like being a doctor?

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3 answers

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Melina’s Answer

Well it depends on what kind of Doctor you are. Different doctors have different schedules and roles.

I am a hospitalist. That means I am an internal medicine doctor that specializes in seeing patients that are admitted to the hospital. My schedule is from 7 am to 7pm. It is stressful and fast paced. I start my day reviewing the charts of the patients that I am going to see that day and then go to see them in their rooms. I evaluate them and then make decisions on their care.
I order medications for them or discharge them if they are well enough to go home. In the afternoon I write the notes for the patients that I have seen in the morning.

It is a full day. I don't do surgeries but sometimes people in my specialty do certain procedures on patients that are hospitalized.

Unfortunately there is a lot of paperwork to be done at the end of the day

Hope this answers at least part of your question!

Best of luck

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Dan’s Answer

You are the expert in your field, hence a lot of people will depend on you -- patients to staff members. Usually busy as people are trying to better themselves through healthcare. Emotionally taxing at times but full-filling since you are a pillar of society. At the end of the day you are helping your fellow man live their best lives.

You still have to continue to study and read a bit to be updated on your area as well as remain sharp.

It does vary a bit pending on which specialty you are in though. OB/GYN is extremely busy compared to say a hospitalist.

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Michael’s Answer

There are many different kinds of doctors so the work varies greatly, from providing long-term chronic care (family practice/internal medicine) which is office based, fast-paced work such as emergency medicine or critical care, working with children (pediatrics) or the elderly (geriatrics), doing surgery and so many other specialties and subspecialties. It’s all very rewarding, helping people.

Other physicians may take administrative jobs, work in research, work for pharmaceutical companies/industry.

The journey to get there is hard work, but with it if you enjoy the field you choose.