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What's the learning environment at beauty school?

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3 answers

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Toyin’s Answer

Hi Jessica,

While I do not have any direct experience with beauty school, I have a friend who does.

It is a rigorous program with hands on practicals on cosmetology, hair, skincare etc. Expect to be challenged and tested on everything from the chemical process of hair coloring to leadership skills.

It builds your work ethic and prepares you for the real world after beauty school.

You also get to make life-long friends - some of the most interesting people you will ever meet. I remember being a hair subject for my friend's final exam and thinking of how fun and hard working everyone was. Be prepared to be challenged and to learn a lot more than you prepared for. After all, "Beauty is skin deep".

Best of luck to you!

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Kay’s Answer

I started cosmetology school right out of high school and in the state of Florida it was required that I completed 1200 hours of study prior to examination. In my experience, I had the most amazing time! When interested the first thing I did was contact the local technical college that offered the program and make an appointment with the adviser. After meeting, we were able to achieve getting my financial aid documents completed, my registration going and a start date. Initially you will be in more of the theory portion of the class that requires classroom (lecture) time and then you will be brought into the practice (hands on) portion. So once we started using the salon we had salon days and we had study days plus days with both. Our salon opened to the public certain days of the week and allowed us to do real hair, nails, waxing, and facial services on clients. I bonded with many different kinds of women of all different ages and backgrounds and loved it! I always recommend to anyone thinking of cosmetology to prepare for if you would rather do day or night class (I did day class because that allowed me to complete the hours faster), contact your local technical college and speak with an adviser, and lastly know that the commitment is typically a year and a half to two years (I finished in a year and a half and that includes the licensing exam). Best of luck to you! I am here to answer any questions that you may have, feel free to reach out!

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Rosemarie’s Answer

In cosmetology school you learn how to pass the board exam to get your license. The real learning is when you’re in the salon working hands on. Most places start you off as an apprentice where you go to classes they provide. That is where you will learn the most. Good luck!