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A B. May 06, 2016 837 views

What does a career in modeling involve?

I'm interested in becoming a model and was wondering if anybody had any experience in the field. modeling career college...


Stanley D.’s Avatar
Stanley D. Feb 13, 2020 309 views

After high school is it an obligation to go to college for become a soldier?

Always trying to improve, try more than my best. college...


Alex S.’s Avatar
Alex S. Nov 12, 2021 90 views

What classes should I take to become a firefighter

Planning on becoming a firefighter but I don't know what classes I should take in college. Should I major in something else as a backup? Or do I just focus on firefighting? college...


Rainey H.’s Avatar
Rainey H. Jan 05 65 views

Whats the difference between and firefighter and emt?

Im 15 in highschool looking for more information on my future jobs....