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What does a career in modeling involve?

I'm interested in becoming a model and was wondering if anybody had any experience in the field. #modeling #career #college #career-counseling

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2 answers

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Lindsey’s Answer

Hi there! On behalf of all of us here at CareerVillage, I'm sorry it's taken this long to get your question answered. I wanted to be sure to step in and direct you (and any other students who land on your question) to a couple other Q&A threads on CareerVillage.org that should be SUPER helpful.

Whats a good university to go to major in modeling?

In short, he was told that you don't actually have to go to college to become a model, but if you'd still like to get a degree to attend a performing arts college where you can get exposure to other areas in the entertainment field- acting, singing, etc.

How do I become a model?

Here's a great excerpt from what one Pro had to say:

"How to get started as a model and tips for how to succeed: A modeling agency or co-ordinator should represent models. The model must have a portfolio, and comp cards. The agency/coordinator provides you with work (That is their main purpose. It is safe to say that they work for you!) They make a commission on your fee (15 to 20%). Be warned about agencies/coordinators who ask for money up front! Also check to see if they are reputable and genuine. The agency/coordinator should provide you with a few photographers name. It's your choice to get the photographer you want. Pay the photographer for the photo shoots not the agency/coordinator."

My advice? I have a few friends who model and they got to where they are largely because of social media! Mostly Instagram. They started a fashion/lifestyle blog and then took to instagram to self start their career in modeling.

I hope this information helps a bit!! Good luck!

Lindsey recommends the following next steps:

Start following a bunch of self made models on Instagram and try contacting them to get an idea about how they started and what a "day in the life" is like for them (ask questions like "how do you earn a living?" and "what advice would you give someone just starting out?")

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Kay’s Answer

Hello there,

I am not a model but we are toggling the idea with my daughter whom is still quite young but with a possible amazing future ahead. The biggest thing a model needs is a portfolio. With social media now grabbing the attention needed is actually quite simple! You need to build a portfolio that consists of head shots and multiple ranges. I recommend looking your most natural as most agencies will photograph you in your natural state when on casting calls and you want to set the right expectation. There are also a lot of agencies that will take you without you paying that are local so I would look them up (of course make sure they are legitimate by researching first) and don't go alone initially until you familiarize yourself with the company. Finding an agency is typically a huge plunge forward alongside the portfolio. For the portfolio if you have a friend that does photography then maybe they can do your portraits without much or free of charge. If not I recommend taking some on your cell in interesting places with a friend and using different lighting to attract agencies as well. Of course if you can have them taken by a professional photographer those are the best. Best of luck!