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I will be starting college in the fall of 2016, should I work this summer, in hope of being able to replace work study.

I am planning to enter college as a freshman this fall. In order to keep any scholarship I receive, I need to do well.Because of this, I am afraid to accept work study. #professor #college-student #college-counseling

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M. A. Rafe’s Answer

Yes, work this summer to gain experience, not just for financial reasons. try to see if you can do work closely related to your major of interest if possible. Yes, also accept work study. I accepted it. If you accept, it doesn't mean you HAVE to do work study. It just means money is available from government to pay half your paycheck or more and the rest by the department or organization within the university that hires you. For example, the library, a department outside your major or your major department as admin assistant, grade or research assistant can all hire you as part time meaning no more than 20 hours. You may have a choice to take less hours to manage your courseload better. If you are unsure about how the work study applies, please speak to your financial aid office at your university. I say go for both if possible.

Thanks so much! Pallas-Amenah M.