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Can a lawyer or IS officer become an actor

i want to be an actor since my childhood but don't have the links to get into bollywood and getting into bollywood is not easy until you hold some power....so can i become an IS officer or Ciminal defence lawyer and then become an actor on the basis of my links in future....is it possible ?im hopeless honestly
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2 answers

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Rohit’s Answer

Hi Samya,

Have you heard of a Malayalam language actor called Mammootty? He has won National Award winner thrice. Read more about him on his Wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mammootty.

Do you know he is a law graduate and actually cleared his bar exams and worked a year as a full time lawyer? It was his passion for acting that kept him going?

Here is another link for another law graduate turned actor in India - https://yourstory.com/2018/06/lawyer-turned-actor-shraddha-srinath-believes-acting-movies-like-running-venture

Another link

So if you are really passionate about taking up acting as a full time career - you would need to spend equal amount of time honing the craft of acting - it could be taking some acting courses, acting workshops, joining the college theatre club in your college or city. Once acting credentials are strong, you could pursue being a full time actor. Remember the path wont be easy and you have to be ready for the long journey ahead.

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David’s Answer

Samya, I am not from India so I do not know about the workings of Bollywood, but the basic answer is yes, anyone from any profession can become an actor. Some careers may be easier to transition from, but if you have any training in acting,and perhaps keep it up while pursuing your career (community theater, acting classes, improvisation workshops, audition workshops, etc.) then you may be prepared to transition to a full-time acting career.

All that said, acting is never easy or guaranteed. Acting may become a valid hobby for you - community theater, for instance, which you can participate in while you are going about your adult life and career.

You might want to contact someone acting in Bollywood if you have any contacts, or a professor at the Theater Department at a university near you to discuss more specifically what options you have there and what is available. Perhaps take acting classes or audition and act in school.

Best of luck in your future endeavors!

David recommends the following next steps:

Investigate theater options in schools near you.
Investigate theater options in your city.
Investigate clases and workshops at school or in the community - acting, ausitions, voice, improvisation.
Find theater professionals you cxan talk to there for advice.