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How should I prepare myself for college?

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4 answers

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Daysi’s Answer

Hi Vanisha,
You are off to a great start by participating in Career Village.
I would also ask the college advisor to connect you with other resources available. Review the prerequisites and make sure you are enrolling in courses specific to your major.
Your support system is very important. Discussing my goals and schedule with my family and connecting with other students attending the same school helped me very much. Prioritizing is recommended. A priority and goals list is important to help maintain focus and completing tasks.
Consider the cost. It is important to consider costs of living and courses to avoid financial burden when you are trying to learn in new college level courses.

Most of all, enjoy your college years, make new friends and take care of yourself!!!

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Diana’s Answer

Here are a couple of ideas to help you succeed at college classes:
- Find out more about your learning style to understand how to better understand and memorize concepts.
- Learn to be organized. This will be extra important to make sure you don't forget about a homework due date or a test that's coming up.
- Learn to estimate work. This goes hand in hand with being organized, but it will be extremely helpful to know (roughly) how long an assignment will take, so you can better plan out your days/weeks.
- Find out your motivators. I personally found it extremely rewarding to keep a checklist, and cross items out whenever I finished with them. It helped me feeling happy after completing work, instead of making me feel like I still have X and Y left!

But classes aren't everything. College is an amazing time to get to know yourself more and make friendships that will last a lifetime!
- Learn to step outside your comfort zone and try new college activities, classes, or even chat with people you normally wouldn't.
- If you're planning to live outside of home (off campus or on), you'll need to learn how to keep your room clean, how to do laundry, and maybe even cook some basic meals (if you don't already!)
- Learn to manage finances. You'll get lots of banks coming to campus or email you about opening X and Y credit card to get some trivial reward. Don't get fooled by them! Do have a credit card or debit that you rely on, budget, and make sure you don't overspend!

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Richard’s Answer

Develop good study habits. Read any materials before class so you can get the most from lectures. Learn to ask questions.

Eat right and exercise. It is easy to fall into bad habits in college.

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Dan’s Answer

I would say read anything that interests you during high school. Develop a solid foundation of skills from doing well in your general classes. And socialize with your friends -- find your hobby and learn who you are. You will take all this and continue improving upon it in college.

Thank You! Vanisha R.