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What are some key words we can use to find scholarships? #JULY20

I am a Black, first generation woman who is looking for scholarships for current college students. #communications

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3 answers

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Olaoluwa’s Answer

There are different ways to search for scholarships online
1. Country where you want to study: Scholarship is everywhere, but knowing the country that you want to go for studies will streamline your focus on searching for scholarships that you will be hunting for. You can have more than one country in mind, no problem with that.
2. School of your choice: If you know the kind of schools that you want to go, then you can check for the schools through their website to know available scholarships or funding.
3. Course of Study: Your discipline has to be considered too. For instance, you like school A and you want to study course X. School A offers scholarships but not for course X that you want to study hence, if you apply to that school, you won't be granted.
4. Home Country Eligibility: Even if you have found a school of your choice with the desired course and they offer scholarships, you need to check if they offer scholarships to those that come from your home country. Otherwise, it may not end positive at the end.
5. Subscribe to websites that will update you virtually every week for scholarship updates. But in this, you will streamline it by stating the country where you will like to study, course of your choice, level of study that you need scholarship for etc.
You can check out other websites on google.com that offer those services free of charge

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Sonja’s Answer

A friend of mine and high school teacher who focuses on assisting students in achieving higher education mentioned the following scholarships you may want to explore:

-National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc. (AAC)
-Women of Color Scholarship

Good luck!

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MacKenzie’s Answer

Hi Alexus,

Looking for scholarships can be a little tricky, but here are some steps you can't take to find some!

1. Check your university financial aid website to see if they are offering any scholarships for current students. You can also contact your office of financial assistance for any guidance they might be able to provide.

2. This website will be able to help you find scholarship opportunities through different organizations: https://www.careeronestop.org/toolkit/training/find-scholarships.aspx

3. Here are additional websites that you can look through to see if any scholarships apply to you or interest you: https://www.scholarships.com
*You can create a separate email specifically for outside scholarship databases; that way, they can send you different options that you can research.

I hope this helps!