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How many hours do you work as a nurse?

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Teresa’s Answer

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Good question Jenna- A work schedule that is flexible is one of the best parts of getting a job as a nurse! It can also be the hardest part- Let me explain. Nurses often work 8-60 hours per week based on their availability. I work 40-60 per week, but have some nursing staff who are called "PRN" staff that only work the hours they want to work-- as low as 8 hours per week. The benefits and pay are different based on your commitment, so it can vary greatly.

The hard part about the schedule as a nurse in a hospital, is that the same numbers of nurses are needed for weekend, nights, holidays.... So everyone has to share this responsibility. We often rotate the holidays and after having some seniority, get to move to a shift that you prefer-- but the coverage is needed 24/7-- so we can't all just work just the shifts and times we want. Some nurses like to work weekends because they can be off during the week with their children- some like to work night shift so they can be home when their kids get home from school-- So it is flexible in many ways--

Hope this helps you get the picture better- My niece was thinking about being a nurse and so I took her with me to work one day and told her to ask each nurse she met what was the best part of being a nurse and the worst part- Each person had a little variation, but for the most part, they all agreed that working holidays and weekends were the toughest-- but the best parts out weighed it and were things like: privilege to care for people, they loved making a difference, enjoy having a special skill, etc. After meeting so many, my niece was not deterred and has been a nurse for 5 years now! I hope you find your passion and love it!

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Jared’s Answer

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I work anywhere from 36-48 hours per week

Do nurses have scheduled days they work (like every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday but not Thursday) Or do they're schedules change every week?
It varies widely from place to place. Some get set schedules but few new nurses get that option. It is fairly simple to set up days off that you need in the future though, as long as you let your boss or manager know several weeks in advance
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