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What are other careers in the field of education, specifically English?

I want to become a teacher, but I'm also interested in other careers in education. #teacher #educator #principal

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2 answers

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Brendan’s Answer

Hi, Kensley,

There are so many different career opportunities within education and I hope you find a path that works well for you! As a former high school math teacher, I can tell you that teaching was an incredibly rewarding career and I miss it often. To answer your questions, here are a few other ways to be involved with English education beyond teaching:
(1) You can work as a private tutor or at a tutoring company that helps students with English content.
(2) You can work for an organization that develops English curriculum (for instance, textbook companies or companies that create SAT/ACT study materials).
(3) You could work at an education company in a business or technical function. For instance, you could do sales, marketing, support, finance, or be an engineer!

I would suggest that you start by looking online for companies and organizations that might interest you so you can do a little more research. That will help you determine whether or not you think teaching is the right path for you.

Good luck!

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Manuela’s Answer

Being a teacher is like being on America's Got Talent stage. Your act lasts 90 minutes not 90 seconds. Those who make it naturally, without hating it or hating the students, have a given for it, as all the artistic professions have in a more demonstrative way than the others. You need a degree of general erudition to establish your ground and you have to study extensively the subject you teach, which is not the norm in the US, but it is mandatory almost everywhere else.