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Randall C. Mar 15, 2016 918 views

I've always been told investing is risky. How do I lower financial risk while still investing in the stock market?

I want to start investing while I'm still in school, but I don't know how safe it is to do so. I know I can't eliminate risk entirely, but how can I better ensure success? I want to get some experience with investing so I can have that when I start trying to get a job someday. That's why I want...

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andy S. May 14, 2016 684 views

Mathematics and biomedical?

To my understanding (from whart highschool teachers have told me) engineering takes alot of mathematics to be able to do well. Is this true? and if so, how much is mathematics actually applied in biomedical engineering? I absolutely love math and it's subtopics. And it is one of the reasons why...

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Remy U. May 16, 2016 476 views
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Erin R. May 19, 2016 391 views

What is the best way to get an elementary class interested in what you have to say?

I am asking this because I would like to become an elementary school teacher and the first impression is very important....


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Kensley E. May 21, 2016 478 views

What are other careers in the field of education, specifically English?

I want to become a teacher, but I'm also interested in other careers in education. #teacher #educator...


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Megan K. Oct 19, 2016 429 views

How do you use math everyday as a surgeon?

I am interested in the health field and am excited to learn more about it. #medicine #math...


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Utah W. Oct 27, 2016 478 views

Will studying Physics help me better understand the study of Atmospheric Science?

I've always wanted to study Atmospheric Science and get my masters in that degree, but my parents says it is smarter to get a degree in Physics first, then transfer to Atmospheric Science. Is this a smart move or will it be a waste of time? Is there another degree I could take to help my study...

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Angelina P. May 05, 2017 1332 views

In a medical profession, is it okay to cry in front of your patients and their families?

I'm hoping to become a neonatal nurse someday. I am not especially emotional, but I know that if a baby didn't make it, I might not be able to contain my emotions. So, my question is, is it okay to show your emotions in front of patients and their families? Is it good to do so, to show the...

#professional-training #mentoring #medicine #healthcare #nursing

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Ena W. May 06, 2017 815 views

How to think of first intern in private equity?

I receive internship offer from a private equity as second-year summer intern. Do you think it is good experience? I hope to work in banking and investment area....


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Josephine C. May 07, 2017 694 views

Jobs in science?

What are some jobs in science that don't require being stuck in a lab all day yet can also pay well for...

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Sharlene M. May 07, 2017 819 views

If I am interested in having a career related to space and ideally NASA, what would be the best approach be as a undergraduate rising junior?

I am already pursuing a degree in the health sciences, and I am interested in pursuing another degree, particularly one related to space. I would like some advice on the best way to pursue this interest. #astronomy #space #academic-advisor...


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Rachel L. Sep 01, 2017 448 views
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Hamlet F. Jan 17, 2018 228 views

How does an aspiring mathematician stay motivated in researching pure mathematics?

Hi! I am a high school senior set on becoming a "pure mathematician." Ever since I learned the proof to the quadratic formula in 10th grade, I have been chasing abstract mathematics and working to improve my problem-solving skills. Less than a year ago, I came across a very interesting problem...

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