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What can I do with a PHD in Mathematics

Its what I plan on pursuing in college #math

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2 answers

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Lisa G.’s Answer

You might want to check out the website BeAnActuary (http://beanactuary.org) #beanactuary. An actuary is a business professional who evaluates risk, often in an insurance company. There are also more nontraditional opportunities for actuaries because risk is so much a part of modern life.

If you like what you see on the website you should know that you need to be a self starter as an actuary, so you can pass the exams required to get the credentials while you are also working in a business environment. But you don't have to go to school beyond an undergraduate degree to get these credentials. So you don't need to get a PhD.

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Manuela’s Answer

Read "The Physics of Wall Street and then get back to me!
Look into actuarial science.
You may also want to look into basic grammar. "It's" and "Its" are not the same. This is a marker of literacy, or not, for the English language. When you learn what part of speech they are, you will never make the confusion again.