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MEGAN A. May 09, 2016 576 views

Is double majoring recommended in college?

I'm extremely lucky to be passionate about many things. Mainly, those things include math and music. I can't imagine picking one over the other. Is double majoring a good idea? Will I be swallowed by schoolwork and other responsibilities? #music...


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Christy K. May 09, 2016 955 views
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s S. May 13, 2016 658 views

How can I get better at math?

I don't understand math. #mathematics...


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James W. May 18, 2016 620 views

What are some good careers for statistics majors with a Bachelors degree?

Statistics is what I will be majoring in at Penn State, and I am wondering what others who have earned Bachelors Degrees in Statistics do once they graduate? #major #statistics #graduates #mathematics #math...


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Collin D. May 18, 2016 635 views

I am an Economics major and wondering what would be a great minor?

My name is Collin and I attend Virginia Tech. I am majoring in Economics and was looking at a few different minors, either Marketing or Leadership....


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Isabella Z. May 27, 2016 623 views

What jobs can you get with a math degree?

I am planning on majoring in mathematics because I love the subject, but I am not sure what kind of career options I will have/ #mathematics...


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Neal S. Jun 24, 2016 638 views

What is the average salary for an actuary?

I am looking to go into actuarial science in an attempt at becoming an actuary after I finish college, so I want to know the salary of one. #actuarial-science #actuarial...


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Jonah H. Sep 13, 2016 815 views

what kind of intership can you get with an economics major/minor?

Im a political science and econ major and looking for a job in both fields #internships #job-search...


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Brooke E. Oct 21, 2016 462 views

What type of degree would I need to be able to get the best job that would be avaliable for me in the works and job offers in STEM?

I am the type that will go for it all, if that means I can get the best possible. But with this sometimes having the best isn't the best for you, like I could have a Ph.D in something and then have someone tell me "You didn't need that to hold a job for you here." And I don't want to do that if...

#business #women-in-leadership #future-careers #youth-leadership #education-professions

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Bridget D. Oct 23, 2016 1170 views

What types of math are typically used by an actuary?

I love the practical application of math and am considering a career as an actuary....


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Morgan E. Oct 23, 2016 497 views

Which degree would be better for a person who wants to pursue actuarial science: a mathematics degree with a focus in actuarial science, or an actual actuarial science degree?

I went to a college fair and was presented with two different colleges, one with a mathematics degree with a focus in actuarial science, and the second having an actuarial science degree. I was just curious as to which would be the Bette option. #mathematics...


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Nick M. Oct 23, 2016 670 views

I'm interested in mathematics and computer coding, what careers are available

I love both algebra and computer coding and would like to combine both in a career, what may be available and what colleges and majors should i be looking at #computer-software #computer #mathematics...


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Sara H. Oct 27, 2016 741 views

What type of jobs can you get with an Actuarial Science degree?

I am thinking about getting that degree because I like math and such, but I am still confused on what type of jobs are possible with this major....


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Rachel D. Oct 29, 2016 379 views

What employment opportunities exist for mathematics majors?

I'm interested in pursuing a major in mathematics....