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How to think of first intern in private equity?

I receive internship offer from a private equity as second-year summer intern. Do you think it is good experience? I hope to work in banking and investment area. #finance

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HI getting experience in you field is a good idea. They get a good chance to see you and you get to see them. Asking questions and being on time are important. Market should be good for this field. Thrivent Financial is a company I've invested with and they are well know and a non-profit investment company. They are highly rated and get awards for their high ethics. You probably want to work for someone that is handling other people's money like it is their own. Since this is a 2nd internship they must like you. If you feel they are just getting work done for minimal cost, try someone else. Honesty and integrity in your field of work are very important. You will not be disappointed when you work this way.

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Congrats on the internship. Any internship can turn into greater opprotunities, the least would be a nice letter of recommendation. When you apply for jobs it is important to have items in your toolbox that can set you apart from others. Letters of recommendation and internships will put you above other applicants.

Go for it as it will only help you in the long run.


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Hi Ena,

Any experience in a field of interest is good. Don't belittle the opportunity because it's an internship. That's where most successful people begin their resume. Take advantage of the opportunities; such as, networking with your boss and cohorts, being responsible and attentive to tasks, and being assertive in learning all you can about banking and investing. If this is your second year, it wouldn't hurt to be a good role model to the new interns, and be supportive.

This opportunity might earn you a distinguished letter of recommendation for your first job. Therefore, put your best foot forward.

Hope this helps!

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Landing a good job is all about relationships. Summer internships are great way to gain working experiences and establish relationships. Most people like to work/hire people the know in a positive way. I know many interns get hire back to the companies they interned.

Take advantage of these opportunities. this will separate your from the pack.

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Hello, Ena!

Start by watching the movie "Margin Call" first without and then with commentary on (must) and deleted scenes. For this, you need the DVD. Paid streaming may not have the option available.


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A good opportunity for you to learn about the field and make some professional contacts.

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Yes, private equity is a growing area and the experience should be quite valuable and will look good on your resume.

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Hi Ena!

Congratulations! This will be a great experience for you.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your experience. https://www.ldsjobs.org/ers/ct/articles/make-most-of-internship?lang=eng https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB121450293562107717 https://www.buzzfeed.com/zoeepstein/how-to-make-the-most-of-your-summer-internship-2i6h1

This will let you know more about the area you are considering: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/Sales/Securities-commodities-and-financial-services-sales-agents.htm

Let me know if and how this might help. Keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress.

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