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Grace M. May 17, 2016 740 views

Are there specific jobs that guarantee insurance?

I want to work as a Stereoscopic 3D animator for a large company like Lightstorm Entertainment. I am considered about my health care and dental insurance when I receive this job and am wondering if there are specific guidelines companies are required to meet for their employees? art...

graphic-designer insurance stereoscopic

Caleb Q.’s Avatar
Caleb Q. Apr 12, 2017 997 views

How does one decide upon an interest?

When it comes to careers, I generally want to choose a career that interests me. However, I haven't been able to narrow my interests down to a point where I can choose a career path that interests me. Some of my interests include: Biology, Technology, Music, Programming, Psychology, Philosophy,...

personal-development career-choice career-counseling undecided

Hai H.’s Avatar
Hai H. Apr 21, 2017 707 views

what's the best qualities for finding a top job?

what's the best qualities for students who will finally face the carrier life? Especially for the Science and Technology PhD student, who has learning in a very deep area of one subject. Most of them have to change the direction while finding a job science technology phd...


Wyatt  B.’s Avatar
Wyatt B. May 01, 2017 830 views
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jayden E. May 05, 2017 525 views
Angelina P.’s Avatar
Angelina P. May 05, 2017 1803 views

In a medical profession, is it okay to cry in front of your patients and their families?

I'm hoping to become a neonatal nurse someday. I am not especially emotional, but I know that if a baby didn't make it, I might not be able to contain my emotions. So, my question is, is it okay to show your emotions in front of patients and their families? Is it good to do so, to show the...

medicine nursing mentoring professional-training healthcare

arnold P.’s Avatar
arnold P. May 05, 2017 1222 views

how much do certain professions pay?

I'm interested in learning about the pay difference between professions....


billy P.’s Avatar
billy P. May 05, 2017 811 views

what do i need to become a video game programmer

what degree do i need or what do i need to learn to become a video game programer...


Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. May 06, 2017 1006 views

How to think of first intern in private equity?

I receive internship offer from a private equity as second-year summer intern. Do you think it is good experience? I hope to work in banking and investment area....


Josephine C.’s Avatar
Josephine C. May 07, 2017 821 views

Jobs in science?

What are some jobs in science that don't require being stuck in a lab all day yet can also pay well for...

Eris D.’s Avatar
Eris D. May 08, 2017 662 views

How would I get a book published?

Are there any publishing companies that are often open to hiring new authors? writing author writer...