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what's the best qualities for finding a top job?

Asked Palo Alto, California

what's the best qualities for students who will finally face the carrier life? Especially for the Science and Technology PhD student, who has learning in a very deep area of one subject. Most of them have to change the direction while finding a job #science #technology #phd #science-phd

3 answers

Lissa’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas


First of all, Ken gave some really great feedback to your question. Therefore, I'm going to keep it short and simple.

It is totally awesome and a blessing to obtain the job of your dreams. And, I wish you much success in doing so. One way I believe you can find the perfect job for you is to RESEARCH the different types of jobs you are interested in. Once you find out the skills needed to perform the job, do an assessment of your personality and how you might fit in with a particular company. Once you narrow it down, try to contact someone in the company who might let you come visit and/or intern there to be sure it's all that you think it is.

And, if you do happen to change directions, don't think of it as necessarily a bad thing. People (adults) continue to grow as well, and therefore, what was once the perfect job simply doesn't cut it anymore. This does not have to be a bad thing. In fact, it could lead to bigger and better prospects!!

Good luck to you!!

Bindu’s Answer

Hello - for any job, a positive attitude and self confidence are the primary qualities. A positive approach to problem solving, interaction with peers.... On top of these, you can then apply your trained skills in the specific area. Being able to communicate your thoughts clearly and simply is important. The more technical you get, it becomes even more crucial to be able to explain things at a very high level and in simpler terms. It is equally important to manage your management team as it is to manage peers and downstream. Hope that helps Good Luck.

Chi’s Answer

Updated Middletown, New Jersey

Changing jobs areas is often considered by most people during the span of career. Look into professions that might require your skills that you might not have considered in the past. Many technical knowledge and skills are applicable in other technical fields. Like project management. Process improvement. Analytics. Statistics. Etc.. Don't sell yourself short.

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