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What are some environmental science jobs that I could go to college for?

I love nature, and I would like to study environmental science in college. However, I am not sure of many jobs in this field. #july #july2020

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2 answers

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Preethi’s Answer

First of all please pursue whatever you love but while studying environmental science there are lot of opportunities in this field like Environmental Scientist, Environmental Lawyer, Environmental Engineer, Zoologist, Conservation Scientist, Hydrologist, Environmental Lecturer etc.

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Alicia’s Answer

Hi Preethi,
Some careers that come to mind include: toxicologist, hydrologist, zoologist, oceanographer, meteorologist, bioengineer, environmental engineer.
Keep in mind that with the exception of engineering, most of the cool nature jobs will require a Master’s. Additionally, you will most likely be conducting research unless you go for something in policy or law.
I would recommend you visit the UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography website and have a look at all the cool majors and current projects they’re currently working on.