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Cierra B. Jul 25, 2018 250 views

Midwife Nurse & Midwife Physician Assistant

What is the different certification, degree, salary and job duty between a midwife nurse and a midwife physician assistant? #physicians-assistant #nurse #physician #nursing...


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Hailey N. Sep 27, 2019 135 views

What are the classes I should take if I want to become a PA?

There are different classes you can take to meet the requirements so whatever classes you think you will succeed in. #pa...


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Cloey P. Jul 20, 2020 70 views

What is the best area in the U.S for oceanographers?

I am a rising senior and have been exploring future career options. I have always been drawn towards the water, so I have been thinking about going into oceanography. I know that it is competitive and want to get the best experience/education that I can. Where in the U.S. would I find the most...

#july20 #oceanograpy

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Sierra D. Jul 29, 2020 105 views

What are some environmental science jobs that I could go to college for?

I love nature, and I would like to study environmental science in college. However, I am not sure of many jobs in this field. #july...


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Jessica H. Aug 11, 2020 73 views

Is phlebotomy a hard job?

What's so hard about doing this job? #phlebotomy...