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What’s the best major you should be focusing on to become a physical therapist?

Hi I’m incoming to student to college(freshman) and my plan is to go a community college for 2 years to get all my GED done and the transfer for school that had programs and classes to become a PT, but when I was filling out some forms ( for community college) I put for my major I want to focus on Kinesiology. Is that good enough or should I be more on like science(biology,anatomy,physics or physiology)? What degree or major should I be getting for being a physical therapist. I also just decided to become PT recently instead of being a nurse.
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4 answers

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Bonnie’s Answer

Hi Justine! It's great that you are focused on being a healthcare professional, and others here have given GREAT advice on options for majors, and the life sciences are always a great investment for HCPs.

Your plan looks like a good one: getting an associate's degree and transferring to a 4-yr institution to earn a Bachelor of Science has worked for students I've worked with. What really caught my eye in your question is that you just recently decided to move from nursing to PT. As a 1st year college student, you seem to have a great attitude and vision for your future.

Here's my advice: consider that not all the education you get in college shows up on your transcript. At a community college, you are likely to be well-positioned to not only take your core classes, but also perhaps to befriend other students, some similar to you, but others quite different in their experiences and outlook. As a PT, I suspect you'll need to cultivate a spirit of curiosity about what makes people "tick" to get them on the road to wellness, as well as crushing A&P. Perhaps take advantage of that in addition to zeroing in on a major.

Bonnie recommends the following next steps:

Make a goal to get to know at least 2 people in each class you take, whether it's an online class or in a traditional classroom.
Ask questions of people that focus on them and their journey.
Practice being observant about what seems to motivate people to keep going to overcome challenges (PTs definitely use this skill!)
DON'T feel pressured to have it all worked out in your head in the first semester of your first year.

Thank you so much Miss Taylor! Justine C.

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Aaron’s Answer

If you have an interest in a particular science, I would recommend to pursue that. My wife is a physical therapist who got an undergraduate degree in neuroscience, and she now works with patients who have neurological impairments like Parkinson's disease.

Thank you! Justine C.

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Crystal’s Answer


So Kinesiology is a great major physical therapy. Another one you could look at is Exercise Science. My degree was in Pre-professional Health Sciences. It’s a fairly general degree for those wanting to work in healthcare. I hope this helps.

Thank you so much! Justine C.

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Maura’s Answer

Hi Justine, my daughter had a couple of roommates who are pursuing PT. Both majored in Kinesiology. So, although I don't have personal experience, it seems to me that you are on the right track! Good luck!