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How do you get internships as a high schooler?

I'm a junior in high school looking for internships to apply to, but they all seem to be for college students. internships

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2 answers

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Aly’s Answer

Hi Alice,

What type of internships are you looking for, i.e. what field do you want to go into in the future? This could be nursing, teaching, engineering, business, etc. Knowing what field you're interested in would be helpful to determine next steps for you, and how to prepare for your future without an internship.

In Pennsylvania, I found the below two resources for internships:

There aren't many companies I know of that are looking for interns who are in high school, but the internet is a great resource for you to look. If you are unable to find an internship, look for volunteer opportunities that are related to your chosen field. This is a great way to pad your resume, even when you can't find an internship. It shows you're interested in the field and willing to get any knowledge and experience you can.

Work hard, have a positive attitude, and you will be successful!
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Jonathan’s Answer

Depending on your interest, it is never too early to find an internship. It might not be paying, but you can start to build a resume early. If you have a specific interest, utilize as many people in your direct network to ask if they can recommend people to offer career advice or if you can shadow for a day at work. That can certainly lead to a conversation about an internship, even if part time. Showing interest through research or projects related to the field of choice lets people know you are serious, even as a high school student. Dont be afraid to ask as many people as you know, and they can help build a network for you to connect with the right person.