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what are all the majors related to sports medicine?

some colleges offer sports medicine as a major, but a few classify it as human science, so i just wanted to know what most schools call it so i have an idea what im looking for at schools. #athletic-training #sports-medicine

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2 answers

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Carrie’s Answer

Sports medicine is identified and accredited as an athletic training major. The www.nata.org website has a list of all athletic training education programs. The NATA is a great resource.

Aso, if you would like to be a doctor who specializes in sports medicine, I encourage you to enroll in a major or program that ais to help student get into medical school. The American Medical Association may have information about requirements for medical school.

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Brendon’s Answer

I realize that I'm late to the game, but assuming that your goal is to become an athletic trainer, here are the exact web addresses where you can find programs that are accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education and recognized by NATA: