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Are there times set aside for the doctor to take phone calls? Does the doctor accept emailed questions?

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3 answers

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Jessica,

Doctors are "allowed" to communicate via email, but there are very strict guidelines with the security of the service if it has patient information. Now that virtual visits are being utilized, there might be a shift in email usage.


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Sean’s Answer

Adding to Blake's comment... surgeons (and most doctors) often have chaotic and unpredictable schedules requiring a lot of flexibility to get the work (including phone calls) done. Some people are able to schedule in office time to call patient's back about questions or pathology results after surgery, but many surgeons create time for this in between other tasks.


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Estelle’s Answer

The responsibility of setting time aside to review charts, answer emails and phone calls is my responsibility. Generally, I take care of these before starting to see patients early in the morning and after finishing patients in the afternoon. I have a registered nurse that I trust and respect. She goes through phone calls during the day to make sure that emergent and urgent calls are addressed in a timely manner. The key is having staff that you can depend on to help go through calls and emails to identify those that need to be addressed every day and to what level of urgency.