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Which minor is the best?

I am a sophomore student, Computer Science major and I was wondering which minor is more suitable for cs.
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4 answers

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Alycia’s Answer

My dad always said, " Major in something practical, minor is something you love." The best minor is one that you are passionate about! Since computer science involves a lot of math, technology, and coding, I'm assuming you are going to be busy with assignments and attending office hours for help. In your case, as long as the minor requires courses that make you happy and excited about, any minor will do.
I suggest minoring in something completely different than computer science-- do you enjoy learning about the history of art? Take Art History! Are you the type to question the meaning of life or code of ethics? Take Philosophy! There are endless minors you can take to fulfill your desire to learn.
Good luck!

Thank you so much Alycia. So24fia H.

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Sindhu’s Answer

It depends what you want to do when you graduate. If you are planning a corporate career or join a startup, I think a business, management, or economics minor would be helpful depending on what your university offers. If you are planning to continue with advanced degrees, mathematics or one of the sciences would be helpful.

I don't think there is a right answer here - it depends on your interests and what you are passionate about.

I graduated in engineering and worked in software development for about 5 years before switching careers and working as a business analyst. A minor in commerce/business administration would have been very useful for me and eventually I did an MBA.

Hope that helps.

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Darin’s Answer

I'm a computer science major myself and am also planning on studying some extra computer coding languages and maybe a gaming course or 2 to get the basics since gaming companies is also a field I may consider looking into so I guess you can say I'm majoring in computer programming and minoring in whatever language I'm planning on looking into. You being a computer science major you can go the similar route if you want but I think Alycia said it best in major in something practical and minor in something you love

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Kelley’s Answer

I completely agree with previous answers! It truly depends on what you want to do post-undergrad. I know a few software engineers with CS degrees that minored in business because their goal was to work for a large corporation. Having that foundation for how a company makes money and understanding business strategy really helped them to progress in the organization. Perhaps think about the skills you need for the job you want 5 years from now. Whatever gaps you identify try to seek out courses that help you fill those gaps. For example, if you want to work in healthcare tech maybe take a public health course. Or if you're passionate about fintech, maybe a finance course would helpful. Think more about the skills you want to build and that will guide you to the best minor. Take care!