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what i have to do to improve maths subject

unable to understand maths

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3 answers

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Ritiesh’s Answer

5 Strategies to Improve Working Memory and Math Skills

1.) Visualize the problem. Practice visualization skills to support visual-spatial and verbal working memory
2.) Practice, practice, practice. Repeated practice can reduce the strain on working-memory capacity.
3.) Summarize your life. Recount an experience in a concise and orderly fashion. Mathematics requires organization, precision, and keeping track of information, particularly with word problems
4.) Grab the playing cards. Play popular family games such as Uno, Crazy Eights, Memory, and Concentration that require memory and the use numbers, sets, and mathematical concepts.
5.) Write it out. Teach your child to write — rather than just remember — math facts and equations. Math word problems are frequently identified as an area of difficulty for individuals with weak working memory skills

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Thelma’s Answer

First of all you need to explore yourself and find out if you are really interested in Maths.
Identify where the actual problem is thus is it that you don't understand or you need to give yourself more time?
Find extra help from tutors or teachers who are good in explaining and teaching the subject.
Give yourself more time to practice whilst you are alone.
Be angaged with friends who are doing better in the subject than yourself. Sometimes group work is all we need to enjoy the subject and understand better.

Hope this will help you.
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Tiffany’s Answer

I feared math as i knew it didn't relate to my major or future job. Find a tutor, pull money together if you think you can't afford it. There are tutors online or teachers who tutor on the side. Look on facebook marketplace and/or put an ad out. You will find one.